Job: BioCurator, Plant Metabolic Network (PMN) Database

Department: DPB – Plant Biology


Location: Stanford CA

BioCurator, Plant Metabolic Network (PMN) Database, Carnegie Institution for Science, Stanford, CA

Plants are essential to life on Earth and provide us with the air, food, fuel, clothing, and shelter. Plant metabolism is the engine that enables plants to provide these things. The Rhee lab strives to uncover how plant metabolism is organized, regulated and evolves. Plant Metabolic Network ( is a National Science Foundation-funded project to develop computational algorithms and pipelines to predict and annotate enzymes, transporters, and metabolic networks of plants. The Carnegie Institution Department of Plant Biology is co-located with the Department of Global Ecology on the campus of Stanford University.

We are currently seeking applicants for the position of database curator. The successful candidate will work with a team of postdocs and research assistants to make plant metabolism data easily accessible to scientists around the world.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Lead data management processes such as bulk data processing, data exchange with other databases, and new version releases
  • Read current research articles and extract gene function and plant metabolic pathway data for loading into PMN databases
  • Provide support to the research community including answering questions, providing training on how to use the database and related tools, and helping them with large data submissions
  • Participate in design of new or improved web interfaces and tools


  • A Ph.D or M.S. in Biology, Biochemistry or related discipline with research experience in plant biology
  • Demonstrated ability for independent, critical thinking
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to work well as part of a team
  • Good basic computer skills (word processing, spreadsheets, web browsers)


  • Experience with Unix, HTML, Perl, Python and mySQL