Job: Postdoctoral Associate

Department: EMB – Embryology

Salary: NIH-NRSA Postdoctoral Stipend Scale

Location: Baltimore, MD

Job: Postdoctoral Researcher – Fan Lab

Department: Embryology

Salary: NIH-NRSA Stipend Scale

Location: Baltimore, MD

Job Summary:

A postdoctoral position to study muscle regeneration and muscular dystrophy using the mouse model is available in the laboratory of Dr. Fan at the Carnegie Institution for Science, Department of Embryology, in Baltimore, MD.

The research objective is to understand normal and pathological muscle biology from the stem cell perspective.  The position requires a highly-motivated applicant with a strong interest in stem cell biology. The position involves conducting research using mouse as a model organism. Applicants are expected to have research background in molecular biology, cell biology, and genetics. The research approach is to use up-to-date methods and develop new techniques and tools to study muscle stem cell quiescence, activation, differentiation, in normal, aging and diseased conditions.

The Carnegie Department of Embryology follows the current NIH-NRSA postdoctoral stipend scale and our postdoctoral benefit package includes health care, sick leave, annual leave, parental leave, life insurance, and paid holidays.

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An ideal candidate will be creative, industrious, have excellent communication skills, and enjoy working independently as well as collaboratively. A Ph.D. in a related field and fluency in spoken and written English is required for the position.

To apply:

A CV, statement of research interest, and contact information for three references are required to apply.

Additional information:

The Department of Embryology is one of six departments comprising the Carnegie Institution for Science. The department functions as a private, non-profit research institute affiliated with the Johns Hopkins University and is located adjacent to the JHU Homewood campus in Baltimore, MD. The department consists of 10 laboratories studying a variety of questions in cell and developmental biology. For more information about the Department, visit

Carnegie is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment and will not be discriminated against on the basis of gender, race/ethnicity, protected veteran status, disability, or other protected group status.