Job: Postdoctoral Opportunity: Environmental Modeling to Assess Efficacy and Unintended Consequences of Proposed Solutions to Climate and Energy Problems.

Department: DGE – Global Ecology


Location: Stanford


We seek to understand the effectiveness of proposed solutions to climate and energy problems, and whether these proposed solutions would themselves be cause for environmental concern. Possible technologies and approaches could include widespread deployment of wind turbines, ocean thermal energy conversion, vortex engines, and solar geoengineering. It is hoped that the understanding gained would help both to reduce environmental damage and to alleviate poverty.

Successful candidates will play major roles in planning and executing these investigations and communicating the results through peer-reviewed publications and direct engagement with public and private decision makers. Much of our work relies on the use of global climate models, but other geophysical, geochemical, and/or economic models may be applied if appropriate to the problem. Candidates who want to work on allied fundamental science (e.g., understanding the atmospheric kinetic energy cycle) will also be considered.

The position will involve working with Ken Caldeira at the Carnegie Institution for Science Department of Global Ecology on the Stanford University campus. We maintain an exciting collegial atmosphere, working in a diverse group that includes climate modelers, energy-system analysts, and field researchers.

Positions are available now and we are flexible with regard to start date. Candidates should apply if they can start within the next 18 months. The number of people hired into these positions will depend on the number of exceptional candidates applying.

Compensation for these positions includes a competitive salary and comprehensive benefits. The initial term will be for one year with the potential for renewal for a second year up to a maximum of four years. Carnegie Institution postdocs have access to most Stanford facilities.

Candidates with a PhD in physical sciences or engineering, or comparable experience, are particularly encouraged to apply. Achievement in the area of scientific publication, or comparable evidence of being able to complete high quality work in a timely manner, is a primary filter determining which applications receive greater consideration.

Informal inquiries about these positions can be made by emailing Ken Caldeira at however formal applications for employment must be submitted by clicking on the blue bar below. To be considered, please include a cover letter and CV.

The Carnegie Institution is an equal-opportunity employer and does not discriminate based on race, sex, age, physical condition, or country of national origin.