Job: Research Assistant/Associate

Department: DPB – Plant Biology

Salary: $40k – $60k

Location: Stanford, CA

A Research Assistant/Associate position is available in the Department of Plant Biology, Carnegie Institution for Science, located in Stanford, California, to participate in a research project that maps protein networks in plants by expressing tagged proteins in transgenic plants.

This is a full time, salaried position with benefits.


The qualified candidates must have a B.S or higher degree in biology or chemistry, research experience with molecular cloning, good communication skills and ability to work effectively as a part of a team. Experience in protein purification is a plus.  

To apply, please send email to with your CV, a brief statement of your research experience and career goal, and email addresses of three references.  

The Carnegie Institution, a private, nonprofit organization engaged in basic research and advanced education in biology, astronomy, and the earth sciences, was founded and endowed by Andrew Carnegie in 1902. Andrew Carnegie conceived the Institution’s purpose “to encourage, in the broadest and most liberal manner, investigation, research, and discovery, and the application of knowledge to the improvement of mankind.” The Department of Plant Biology engages in basic research on the mechanisms involved in the growth and development of photosynthetic organisms. The Department of Plant Biology is co-located with the Carnegie Department of Global Ecology on a seven-acre site on the campus of Stanford University.