Job: Scientific Lab Manager

Department: BSE – Biosphere Sciences & Engineering


Location: Pasadena, CA

The Carnegie Institution for Science is a U.S.- based non-profit, private institution headquartered in Washington, D.C. Today, Carnegie scientists work in five scientific departments on the West and East Coasts. Carnegie investigators are leaders in the fields of plant biology, developmental biology, Earth and planetary sciences, astronomy, and global ecology. Carnegie is an endowed, independent, nonprofit institution.

We have an exciting new opportunity for a Scientific Lab Manager in our Biosphere Sciences and Engineering Division working under the guidance of the Division Director.

The Scientific Lab Manager is responsible for the effective management of the Division Director’s laboratory research program activities. Serving as a proxy for the Division Director in the lab, the Scientific lab Manager provides guidance, clarification on research objectives, and technical training to undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral research staff. This position also serves as liaison between Division Director and lab members, ensuring people and processes are working appropriately to deliver scientific research of the highest quality.

Essential Functions

  • Serve as proxy for the Division Director in the lab, fostering a collaborative atmosphere among lab members while providing guidance regarding research approaches and objectives
  • Provide technical training and support to lab members for technical equipment/processes used within the lab
  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge regarding technological advances within the field and make recommendations on new technology/technical processes that could benefit the research program
  • Identify issues and risks, work with lab members to identify and implement solutions
  • Serve as mentor to undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral research staff
  • Serve as a liaison to Division Director, providing perspective on all elements of the research program including progress, staffing, issues, achievements, etc.
  • Establish a process for regular information sharing between lab members, lab manager, and Director to ensure research program continues to meet objectives
  • Coordinate with the Lab Facilities Manager to integrate the lab’s research and administrative goals
  • Work with the Division Director to provide materials for dissemination of the lab’s findings
  • Identify and manage research collaborations or partnerships with other labs
  • Undertake special projects as determined by the Director

Minimum Qualifications:

  • A Ph.D. degree +2 years of experience in routine techniques of cell, molecular, and biochemical research on both animal tissue and bacteria, particularly protein biochemistry
  • Experience with research on animal-microbe interactions
  • Familiarity with confocal microscopy
  • Knowledge of statistical analyses of biological data
  • Ability to work independently and mentor others laboratory members on research approaches
  • Strong capabilities in the writing, editing and proofreading of manuscripts and grants
  • Superb organizational skills
  • Strong writing, editing, proofreading, and spelling skills
  • Above average proficiency with technology applications, primarily Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint; experience with Adobe Acrobat and ability to learn new technology as needed

Preferred Qualifications

  • Bioinformatics skills
  • Proficiency in high performance liquid chromatography
  • Ability to join the laboratory between May and September, 2022

To apply for this position please submit a cover letter and resume. Only applications with both cover letters and resumes will be considered. No phone or email inquiries please. 

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