EPL – Earth and Planets Laboratory

Postdoctoral Fellow: Light-element superconductivity

Department: EPL – Earth and Planets Laboratory

Salary: 76,000/yr

Location: Washington, DC

The Carnegie Institution for Science seeks applications for an experimental postdoctoral fellow working on the forefront of conventional superconductivity research. The project is focused on the synthesis and characterization of new light-element superconductors including hydrides, borides & carbides with the goal of producing conventional, high-Tc materials that remain stable without extreme pressures. The position will involve the synthesis of new materials using conventional, non-equilibrium and high-pressure methods, and subsequent structure/properties characterization. The successful candidate will work in a dynamic environment with an expert team comprised of experimental and computational physicists, chemists, and materials scientists. Please refer questions to tstrobel@carnegiescience.edu.

Minimum qualifications:  A PhD in physics, chemistry, materials science or a related field is the requirement for this position.

Desired qualifications:  Expertise in solid-state synthesis, characterization of magnetic & electrical transport properties (e.g., PPMS), powder/single-crystal diffraction, Raman/infrared spectroscopies, and characterization/analysis of superconductor properties. Understanding of high-pressure techniques including laser-heated diamond anvil cells and/or large-volume press techniques is desirable. The successful candidate is expected to be able to work in both independent and collaborative group environments.

The initial appointment is for one year with the possibility for an additional year pending progress and availability of funds. The position is available starting summer 2024 and will remain open until filled. Interested parties should submit a cover letter, curriculum vitae (including publications), statement of research interests, and contact information for a minimum of three references.

Only complete applications submitted via this website will be considered.

Prospective researchers will work at the Earth and Planets Laboratory, Carnegie Institution for Science, Washington, DC. The Carnegie Institution is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment and will not be discriminated against on the basis of gender, race/ethnicity, protected veteran status, disability, or other protected group status.