Job: Lab Assistant – Part Time

Department: DPB – Plant Biology


Location: Stanford, CA

The Grossman lab is seeking a highly motivated, detail-oriented undergraduate student to assist in various aspects of algal biological research.  Projects in the lab are focused on improving our understanding of photosynthesis and metabolism in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii (model alga).

 The undergraduate student research assistant will be expected to help with the following:

-Media preparation

-General lab upkeep and maintenance

-Strain propagation and cryopreservation

-Strain genotyping and phenotyping

-Data analysis

A strong candidate will have previous laboratory research experience and be familiar with a molecular biology lab setting.  Student candidate will be trained to grow Chlamydomonas and to conduct experiments in molecular biology, genetics, and biochemistry.  Student will initially work together with a group, but will also be given the opportunity to work independently.

This is a 10-20 hour per week position, no benefits.

The position could be filled as soon as March 15, 2014.  Please provide cover letter and at least one letter of reference.   Preference will be given to candidates expressing interest in continuing to work during the summer of 2014 and into the fall.