Job: Research Assistant

Department: DPB – Plant Biology

Salary: $69,000

Location: Stanford, CA

Position Summary: Assist senior researchers with the design, organization, and execution of specialized and complex experiments and research projects that contribute to or complement overall research group objectives. Use established scientific techniques and procedures. Assist with analyzing results and summarizing findings for dissemination through reports or scientific journals.

Essential Functions: The qualified candidate must be able to perform the essential functions of the position with or without reasonable accommodation.
Perform a subset of the below duties, as assigned by supervisor:

  • Assist postdocs and researchers  in the research environment, handling lab management duties
  • Conduct literature reviews
  • Collect and analyze data, summarize project results
  • Prepare materials for submission to granting agencies and foundations
  • Ensure data is properly organized to provide convenient access for the researcher
  • Ensure availability of equipment or supplies necessary for the project or experiment
  • Manage and respond to project related email
  • May supervise undergraduate students working on the research project (maintaining records on assignment completion, acting as liaison between the undergraduate students and the lead researcher)
  • Attend project meetings
  • Prepare progress reports for the PI, funding agency, or others as appropriate
  • Prepare other articles, reports, and presentations
  • Assist with monitoring the project budget 
  • Maintain lab website

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Senior student (or recent graduate with a BS or BA degree in related field)
  • Experience with specialized software or datasets, as required by the supervisor
  • Satisfactory academic progress, as defined by the supervisor
Preferred Qualifications:

  • Academic and/or work experience related to the field of research, as defined by the supervisor/lead researcher
  • Must be a self-starter who is motivated to deliver quality work, has the ability for critical thinking and problem solving, and possesses a teamwork attitude
  • Strong organizational and computer skills, meticulous attention to detail
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Enthusiasm for developing new skills and expertise
  • Awareness of the critical aspects of laboratory safety (for lab-based roles)
Physical Demands/Working Conditions:

  • Occasionally lifts and /or carries objects weighing up to 25 pounds
  • Occasionally stoops and bends
  • Occasionally reaches and grasps with arms and hands above head
  • Work may be performed in a laboratory environment where there are relatively few physical discomforts due to dust, dirt, noise, or similar
  • Work involves possible exposure to malodorous vapors, low-dose radiation, contamination by toxic chemical and acids and presence of carcinogenic substances

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