Department: DPB – Plant Biology

Salary: $71,650

Location: Stanford, CA

Our group studies how photosynthetic microorganisms perceive, respond to, and evolve in response to a continual onslaught of environmental stressors such as high light, lack of nutrients and phage attack. To probe these questions in molecular ecology, we work with model cyanobacteria and novel isolates from naturally occurring communities in hot springs from Yellowstone National Park. We use a variety of experimental methods ranging from molecular genetics and biochemistry to metagenomics/ transcriptomics. In collaboration with the Joint Genome Institute, we have recently generated a spatio-temporal multi-omics dataset from hot spring environments. To best explore these datasets and expand our perspectives, we collaborate with experts in theory, population dynamics, bioinformatics, statistics and computer science. 

We are looking for post-docs or students who are strongly motivated by questions that are at the interface of molecular ecology and theory. If you have worked with environmental microbes, have training in phage biology or are strongly motivated by an interest in theory or developing computational tools, this may be a great opportunity to work with an interdisciplinary group and develop a strong research focus. The ability to think critically, communicate your results to a broad audience and work with a team are particularly important. 

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Application / Contact
Informal inquiries about the position can be made by emailing me (Devaki Bhaya)  at  To be formally considered, please include:  a cover letter, CV, and three references. Please submit your application by clicking the blue “Apply Now” box below. 

The Department of Plant Biology ( is co-located with the Carnegie Department of Global Ecology on a seven-acre site on the campus of Stanford University, California.  Carnegie Institution for Science is an equal opportunity employer.  We highly encourage candidates from underrepresented gender and ethnic groups to apply. All applicants will receive consideration of employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, age, genetic information, disability, veteran status or any other characteristics protected by law.